Terminal Technologies Group

develops and manufactures POS terminals and ticket validators for cashless payment systems

VENDOTEK terminals installed in Russian hypermarkets for donations to help children


X5 Retail Group, together with the Life Line charitable foundation, installed VENDOTEK payment terminals in four Karusel hypermarkets to collect donations for the treatment of seriously ill children.


The customer can choose the amount of donation and tap a contactless bank card, NFC-enabled smartphone or NFC smart watch to VENDOTEK POS terminal. Depending on the test results, will be made a decision to scale contactless charity project.


Karusel became the first grocery retailer in Russia to implement a contactless donation system. Our terminals are installed in the checkout area. The project was implemented by our partner MIXPLAT, acquiring was provided by Russian Standard Bank.


Based on  X5 Retail Group story 

VALITEK ticket validators collect fare payments in Tashkent buses and subway


VALITEK validators accept payments by contactless bank cards and NFC-enabled mobile phones in the transport of Tashkent. The automated fare collection system was implemented by our partners, O-CITY by BPC and the automated payment operator ATTO.


Earlier, in August 2020, the electronics of Terminal Technologies Group of Companies was installed in the metro of the Uzbek capital. All turnstiles of 38 Tashkent metro stations are equipped with Zelenograd contactless validators.


Now guests and residents of the capital of Uzbekistan have the opportunity to pay for public transport using contactless bank cards, transport cards and smartphones. Electronics of the Terminal Technologies Group of Companies is used in dozens of countries around the world.


Terminal Technologies Group has successfully completed MasterCard TQM audit


POS terminals made by Terminal Technologies Group have successfully passed the MasterCard audit. T2100 series contactless payment devices for transport and vending have again confirmed their compliance with the Terminal Quality Management (TQM) requirements.


The goal of the MasterCard TQM program is to continuously maintain the quality of payment terminals. Two hundred, two thousand and two hundred thousand devices must have the same high quality as the first product that has passed comprehensive functional testing in accordance with the EMV standard.


Terminal Technologies Group previously certified production in Latvia and Kaluga. This time the audit was carried out for own production in Russia and the terminals of the T2100 model range produced there. Hampshire-based TÜV SÜD conducted the entire audit remotely, complying with coronavirus restrictions. 


Terminal Technologies Group is the only Russian developer and manufacturer of POS terminals and validators for contactless payments, successfully exporting products to Europe and Asia. Despite the pandemic, we have passed a complex audit by TÜV SÜD in accordance with MasterCard TQM requirements. Our VENDOTEK POS terminals, VALITEK validators, and TRANSITEK turnstile readers have reaffirmed their safety and compliance with international quality standards,” said Igor Sukhostavsky, CEO of Terminal Technologies Group.

Valitek ticket validator was featured in a video of the MIR Payment System


POS terminal for transport produced by Terminal Technologies Group with  "Under control" software took part in the shooting of a new video of National Payment Card System !


In the 3rd second of the video, you can see the VALITEK ticket validator for contactless payments on buses and ground transport. Our products are made for Automated Fare Collection using MIR Bank cards and mobile devices with NFC.

Automated Fare Collection via contactless ticket validator VALITEK


Optimization of transport in the Belgorod, Russia, has been required for a long time. A new route network is being introduced with a free transfer within 45 minutes.


You can simply tap-and-go using a card or mobile phone, smart watch, fitness bracelet with NFC to the VALITEK validator. The fare will be calculated automatically based on city and per-kilometer suburban billing.

VALITEK ticket validators provide Automated Fare Collection in Baku


Thanks to our partner, O-CITY by BPC, an automated fare collection system has been launched in Baku on our VALITEK validators. Now passengers will be able to pay via bank cards using POS terminals of Terminal Technologies Group.


Contactless validators allow Azerbaijani transport companies to improve passenger convenience. Cashless payments by bank cards is becoming more and more popular and reduces the cost of issuing special transport cards. With VALITEK validators from Terminal Technologies Group, citizens can independently choose the most convenient fare payment method, and transport companies can deploy the Automated Fare Collection (AFC).

Urban Soft electronic cashier is integrated with VENDOTEK VX terminals for cashless payments at self-service car washes


VENDOTEK VX cashless payment terminals together with Urban Money software become part of automated payment solution in a self-service car wash. Urban Soft electronic cashier, placed outside the premise, was equipped with POS terminals from Terminal Technologies Group

Urban Soft company compared various devices for cashless payments and chose VENDOTEK terminal. Innovative electronics developed by Terminal Technologies Group have become the perfect solution.

Urban Soft electronic cashiers with a contactless payment solution are successfully used in self-service car washes. The customer and his clients are satisfied with the system and the attractive user interface of electronic cashiers. The new integration module with VENDOTEK is offered by Urban Soft free of charge as part of the Urban Money software package.

VALITEK ticket validators provide contactless fare collection in Tashkent subway


VALITEK contactless payment terminals, developed and produced by Terminal Technologies Group, were installed in the Tashkent subway. Now guests and residents of the Uzbek capital will be able to pay for public transport using bank cards, transport cards and smartphones.

Cashless tips with VENDOTEK vending terminals


Tips+ cashless tipping system covers more and more cafes, bars and restaurants. VENDOTEK POS terminals installed on the bar counter help you easily and safely transfer tips with a bank card or smartphone. Guests can choose the amount themselves and instantly transfer it to the bar staff using a contactless card or smartphone.


VALITEK ticket validators accept contactless payments in Europe and Asia


Terminal Technologies products for Automated Fare Collection (AFC) are widely used in transport companies in Europe, Asia, the CIS and Russia. VALITEK ticket validators are integrated into turnstiles or installed in buses. Residents of the Czech Republic, India and other countries use our electronics, which allows to pay for travel not only with MIFARE transport cards, but also with contactless bank cards, NFC-enabled smartphones and QR codes.