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develops and manufactures POS terminals and cEMV validators for cashless payments

Contactless payments at electric car charging stations and parking lots with VENDOTEK POS terminals


On November 17, 2021, Vasily Dolgov, Head of transport projects at Terminal Technologies, spoke at the Parking Russia international exhibition about outdoor contactless payments at electric car charging stations and parking lots.


Unfortunately, most POS terminals are not designed to accept outdoor contactless payments. VENDOTEK V terminals are used in 5,000 self-service car washes, gas stations, parking lots, turnstiles and outdoor vending machines. More than 25,000 devices operate in Russia and Europe.

Kontron Company presented VENDOTEK T with AFC Multipass in USA


Kontron Company presented VENDOTEK T at the largest transport exhibition in the USA – APTA. cEMV validators with Automatic Fare Collection system Multipass  accept payments by closed-loop and open-loop cards, smartphones and mobile devices with NFC.


VENDOTEK T are the most compact validators in the world, they are certified by Visa, Mastercard, MIR, UnionPay, CIPURSE. For the price of 1 standard validator, you can install 3 or 4 VENDOTEK T Lite on all bus doors.

DataKrat Corporation and Vendotek integrated payments by ski passes and bank cards at ski resorts


DataKrat Corporation has integrated VENDOTEK POS terminals into the Bars Payment and Access System for ski resorts. Turnstiles are equipped with a long-range antenna manufactured by DataKrat. The new solution allows you to pay for the ascent with a bank card if you do not have a ski pass or have run out of money on it.


This solution was implemented at the Malka ski resort in Sheregesh. A long-range antenna with a reading range of up to 40 cm allows you to get to the lift via a ski pass based on NXP ICODE chips. And the presence of a contactless POS terminal from VENDOTEK adds the functionality of a paid pass – by bank card.


"In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, products that minimize contacts between people are gaining more and more relevance. This solution allows the visitor to immediately receive the service, bypassing communication with the cashier, even to receive a ski pass. Thanks to the implementation of deferred online payment technology, the payment speed at the turnstile is about 2 seconds, which practically does not differ from the passage through the ski pass, and the use of Smart watches for presenting a bank card makes this solution as convenient as possible for the visitor," said Mikhail Sukhorosov, Head of the DataKrat Corporation’s Software Development Center.

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VENDOTEK V terminals were installed by ASP Vending in Sochi at FORMULA 1


FORMULA 1 2021 Russian Grand Prix was held in Sochi in September 2021. It ended with Lewis Hamilton's 100th victory in the race.

ASP Vending, a partner of Terminal Technologies Group, provided drinks and meals for the guests using vending machines. Cashless bank cards payments were accepted by VENDOTEK V POS terminals.


Watch the Video about FORMULA 1, ASP Vending, and VENDOTEK!

Multipass implements innovative Account-Based Ticketing system with Vendotek сEMV validators


The Multipass System and Terminal Technologies announced a partnership to deploy innovative Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) system equipped with Vendotek T validators. Multipass is a new generation of the Automatic Fare Collection System based on ABT platform, a ‘ticketless’ way for people to travel on public transport. ABT with Vendotek cEMV validator enables passengers to simply tap or scan a secure token, linked to an account in the back office to make a journey.


Multipass differs from traditional card-based schemes, because the business rules and fare calculation are managed in the back-office and the fare is calculated and billed after the travel is complete. This means that the fare-media used to tap in and out of the system is nothing more than a unique identifier for the customer that is linked to their account. More about Multipass System


“Multipass has created an innovative Automatic Fare Collection System based on ABT platform that does not require tickets. Now you just need to tap or scan a secure token and start your journey. Multipass find Vendotek T as best quality, price performance validator on the market. There is not any product close to it," said Andrey Kostin, CEO of Multipass System.


“In the future, smart cities will become green and clean oases of comfort, where residents can easily reach any area. An excellent combination of Multipass AFC with Vendotek T validators allows passengers to forget about tickets. Thanks to the innovations of our partner, public transport will become more convenient, and fare collection will become easier,” said Igor Sukhostavsky, CEO & Founder of Terminal Technologies Group.

VENDOTEK-BENZUBER is a revolution of payment at the gas station


The automated gas station with VENDOTEK-BENZUBER was developed by our partner. Thanks to the company BENZUBER, you can quickly fill the fuel tank. Just choose the type of fuel and the litre, pay with a card or smartphone at our POS-terminal and refuel.


There is no gas station attendant who can spill gasoline on the car, or queue at the checkout. The solution with VENDOTEK VL is easily installed at the gas station and accepts any contactless payment methods. In the future, we will use automated gas stations, car washes and other services everywhere without people. Watch the Video!

TECHNESIS corporate bus control system based on VENDOTEK T validators


Our partner, TECHNESIS Company, has developed a corporate bus monitoring system. A solution based on individual contactless employee cards for registering corporate transit on VENDOTEK T validators installed in buses. Enterprises get the opportunity to analyze data on transported employees and optimize transport costs.

  • The new system solves the tasks of accounting and monitoring the use of corporate transport by employees;
  • Every employee's trip is taken into account;
  • The planned task for buses and the schedule are formed;
  • The transport work is monitored in full;
  • The customer is provided with a personal account from the TECHNESIS cloud, in which data analytics is available (counting passengers, analyzing vehicle loading, analyzing the efficiency of transport use, identifying facts of illegal use of transport, etc.);
  • Operational data of the bus location and the number of passengers are available through the web interface.

"The control of corporate buses requires accurate and up-to-date data on loading and passenger traffic. Based on our experience, we have created a modern system for monitoring. Identification using corporate access cards on VENDOTEK T validators allows you to collect all the information and prevent unauthorized travel. Our system processes the received data and ensures optimization of transport costs, " said Dmitry PyankovskIy, General Director of TECHNESIS.

Russia №1 globally in terms of the number of cities accepting contactless payments on their transit systems


According to Visa, Russia is the number one country globally in terms of the number of cities accepting contactless payments on their transit systems. That’s no surprise then, that Russia also sees the largest number of contactless transit transactions in the world. VENDOTEK сEMV validators are used in most of these projects!

And the market has further to grow; Russia is digitizing its closed-loop travel systems, so that passengers will also be able to use their travel cards via phone, while the Moscow Metro has been piloting contactless payments through a facial recognition system.

VENDOTEK POS terminals are implemented in the parking lot of Ak Bars Bank with INOFACE biometrics


INOFACE Company (Metrica B LLC) together with Ak Bars Bank has successfully launched a pilot project for the bank's automated parking system based on face identification technology and car license plate recognition. This technology is included in the complex of devices based on the proprietary technology of Ak Bars Bank "Face2".


The biometric system provides high-precision facial recognition for access control, as well as payment processing. The VENDOTEK T Lite POS terminals, built into the parking stand, allow to accept contactless payments by bank cards.


The project customer positively assessed the implementation results. Currently, work is underway to equip the entire adjacent territory of the Ak Bars Bank head office with the system. The integration of contactless payment via VENDOTEK terminals and biometric access allows you to increase security and automate parking payments.


"Cash is becoming an inconvenient and outdated means of payment, in this regard, contactless payment technologies, including biometric identification systems, are currently actively developing. Reliable and modern equipment provided by our partners has been successfully tested for outdoor use. We express our great gratitude to the team of Terminal Technologies Group for cooperation and the opportunity to jointly implement advanced innovative projects," said Timur Abdullin, Director of Metrica B LLC.


Metrica B LLC is a Russian developer and manufacturer of biometric face identification equipment designed for access control and payment processing. The company was founded in 2020 and currently has more than 20 successfully implemented projects in Russia and the CIS countries.

VENDOTEK T validators received Visa Ready certification


The products of Terminal Technologies Group have passed a new international certification for export. The Visa payment system has tested the reliability, security, compliance with standards and the results of the use of Russian contactless validators for transport. Innovative VENDOTEK T successfully passed all the stages of verification and became the first one in Russia to receive Visa Ready certification.


VENDOTEK POS-terminals and validators are designed in accordance with the requirements of the international payment systems EMVCo and are certified for accepting contactless payments. The new status of Visa Ready for Transit confirms the leading positions of Russian validators VENDOTEK T in the world.


"Today, contactless payment is one of the conditions for the development of public transport. According to the results of the Visa study, every third respondent in Russia (35%) is ready to use urban transport more often if it is possible to pay for travel conveniently. Visa introduced the Visa Ready for Transit program to provide transit agencies with access to market-leading solutions and capabilities to support key aspects of next generation fare systems, including ticketing and fare collection, and back office management. We are pleased that the Russian VENDOTEK T validators have successfully certified as Visa Ready and will be used to provide commuters in Russia with comfortable, modern and convenient travel experience, " said Alexey Denisov, Senior Director of Visa's Digital Solutions Department in Russia.


"The compact VENDOTEK T with touch screen is included in Visa's international list of the top 20 POS terminals and validators for Smart Transport. Our validators accept contactless payments using bank and transport cards, NFC and QR codes at maximum speed. VENDOTEK is exported all over the world thanks to the best functionality, modern design and optimal price, " said Igor Sukhostavsky, CEO of Terminal Technologies Group.

VENDOTEK became the Bronze Sponsor of the Transport Ticketing Digital Summit 2021


VENDOTEK became the Bronze Sponsor of the world's largest digital event for the smart ticketing & mobility community, which took place on June 22-24.


We were proud to join the Transport Ticketing Digital Summit!  Igor Sukhostavsky, Founder & CEO of Terminal Technologies Group, told in his speech How to Reduce the Public Vehicle AFC Equipment Cost.


Terminal Technologies Group exports validators in Europe and Asia


VENDOTEK T validators and TRANSITEK embedded card readers are exported in large quantities to Europe, Asia, the CIS. Over the past year, large projects have been implemented in:

  • Sofia Metro turnstiles - over 600 validators,
  • Buses and metro in Tashkent - more than 1300 validators,
  • Transport in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan.


More than 45,000 TRANSITEK card readers work in the products of the leading manufacturers:

  • AMCO (Greece),
  • EMTEST (Czech Republic)
  • Famoco (France),
  • Mikroelektronika (Czech Republic).

Contactless card validators VENDOTEK T are installed for automated fare collection in Sofia metro


VENDOTEK T validators are installed at Sofia metro turnstiles in Bulgaria and accept payments with prepaid transport cards. In a few months, at the second stage of the project, the acceptance of Visa and Mastercard bank cards will be implemented.


VENDOTEK T is designed and manufactured by Terminal Technologies Group. The Bulgarian metro has over 500 compact shockproof validators with the highest speed of accepting bank cards. Equipped with bright color displays, VENDOTEK T, unlike built-in readers, can be easily installed directly on the turnstile, minimizing integration costs.


The automated fare collection system for the Bulgarian subway has been implemented with common partnership of Consortium CNS, DSK Bank/DSK Mobile (part of OTP group) and  O-CITY by BPC. VENDOTEK T validators are certified by EMVCo, Mastercard, Visa, MIR, UnionPay. Maximum speed and reliability of card reading prevents delays and queues in front of turnstiles.


“More than 45,000 bank card readers made by Terminal Technologies Group are used all over the world in AMCO, Famoco, Mikroelektronika validators. More than 20,000 VENDOTEK T validators work in Russia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and now in Bulgaria! " - said Igor Sukhostavsky, CEO of Terminal Technologies Group.

VENDOTEK V POS terminal video: robocafe, innovative techonologies, contactless payments under the water !


VENDOTEK innovations were presented at the exhibition of vending and self-service systems VendExpo 2021 in Moscow! POS-terminals of the Terminal Technologies Group accepted payment by VISA, Mastercard, MIR cards at the stands of leading vendors.


VENDOTEK was installed on the RusHOLTS robobar, POSITRON donation collection system, the vending machines of SIBA, ASP Vending, FAS, Live Water and other manufacturers. For the first time, visitors saw the sealed outdoor VENDOTEK VL, which accepts cards even under water.


VENDOTEK V for OMNICDEK postamats and micromarkets recognized as the best technical solution in VASA2021 vending innovation contest!


The VENDOTEK V POS terminal, designed as a computer on a mobile platform for OMNICDEK postamats and micromarkets won in VASA 2021. It is designed to control self-service devices, interact with customers, and, accept cashless payments. The solution was developed jointly by Terminal Technologies Group and OMNIC.


OMNICDEK with VENDOTEK V became the first postamat in the world equipped with a POS-terminal to control the device. More than 800 automates are already working with our terminals to interact with customers and accept cashless payments.