Terminal Technologies Group

develops and manufactures POS terminals and ticket validators for cashless payments

VENDOTEK for charitable donations

VENDOTEK contactless donation system was developed by our partner, POSITRON. People are already uncomfortable with throwing cash into a box. It is easier to tap a bank card, mobile phone with NFC or smart watch to a POS-terminal.


The choice of the amount and the refusal to search for banknotes bring sincerity and confidentiality to charity. Card payments are becoming a trend of our time. VENDOTEK contactless POS terminal is the best choice for charitable donation сollection.

VENDOTEK V terminals accept contactless payments at the Sheregesh ski resort


At the Sheregesh ski resort, service by bank cards and NFC devices has started on 7 lifts. VENDOTEK POS terminals manufactured by Terminal Technologies Group were installed at 11 turnstiles. Watch Video!


The project was implemented by Sberbank (JSC "RASCHETNYYE RESHENIYA") in cooperation with Visa and DataKrat with the support of the Ministry of Tourism and Youth Policy of Kuzbass. It is now possible to pay with a contactless bank card or NFC device at the ski resorts "Malka", "Sector-E" and "Sheregesh Ropeways".



VENDOTEK V POS terminal video: robocafe, innovative techonologies, contactless payments under the water !


VENDOTEK innovations were presented at the exhibition of vending and self-service systems VendExpo 2021 in Moscow! POS-terminals of the Terminal Technologies Group accepted payment by VISA, Mastercard, MIR cards at the stands of leading vendors.


VENDOTEK was installed on the RusHOLTS robobar, POSITRON donation collection system, the vending machines of SIBA, ASP Vending, FAS, Live Water and other manufacturers. For the first time, visitors saw the sealed outdoor VENDOTEK VL, which accepts cards even under water.


VENDOTEK V for OMNICDEK postamats and micromarkets recognized as the best technical solution in VASA2021 vending innovation contest!


The VENDOTEK V POS terminal, designed as a computer on a mobile platform for OMNICDEK postamats and micromarkets won in VASA 2021. It is designed to control self-service devices, interact with customers, and, accept cashless payments. The solution was developed jointly by Terminal Technologies Group and OMNIC.


OMNICDEK with VENDOTEK V became the first postamat in the world equipped with a POS-terminal to control the device. More than 800 automates are already working with our terminals to interact with customers and accept cashless payments.

VENDOTEK V Lite POS terminals for outdoor contactless payments


Terminal Technologies Group has developed an innovative terminal VENDOTEK V Lite. The device accepts contactless payments with Visa, Mastercard, MIR, UnionPay bank cards and NFC devices on self-service vending machines outside the premises. The sealed VENDOTEK V Lite keeps working even when submerged in water.


VENDOTEK V Lite will provide automation of self-service devices: street vending and postamats, electric gas stations and micromarkets, turnstiles and parking operating at high humidity or low temperatures. The terminal will be presented at the VendExpo exhibition at the Moscow Expocenter, held from 23 to 25 March 2021 in Pavilion 1, Booth C302.

New colors of the VENDOTEK V terminals and validators


New, bright, colorful VENDOTEK vending terminals and ticket validators designed by TERMINAL TECHNOLOGIES Group. All devices accept contactless payments with Visa, Mastercard, China UnionPay, MIR, MIFARE cards.


Only contactless models are equipped with bright cases: VENDOTEK T (valitek) validators, VENDOTEK VX terminals. The POS-terminal for vending VENDOTEK 3, equipped with contactless, contact and magnetic bank card readers, is produced in the standard black version.

VENDOTEK VX terminals accept contactless payment at BKF self-service car washes


BKF automated car washes have implemented contactless payment with Terminal Technologies Group. VENDOTEK VX terminals accept cashless payments with bank cards, smartphones, and NFC watches. Switching to self-service allows you to keep the car clean and prevent the transmission of infection through cash.


Usually POS terminals are not able to work with car washes, electric filling station, and other devices using the PULSE protocol. VENDOTEK VX solves this problem and is used on thousands of self-service machines. Our contactless terminals are placed both inside and outside the premises with additional protection from moisture and condensation.

VENDOTEK V terminals accept contactless payments with NFC-enabled smartphones and smart watches


VENDOTEK V POS terminals and VALITEK transport validators accept payments with Mastercard, Visa, MIR, China UnionPay bank cards, smartphones, NFC watches, and NFC rings.


Cashless payments are very convenient when traveling and on vacation!

Railway ticket machines with Terminal Technologies card readers sold 94 million tickets for Moscow suburban electric trains


94 million tickets were issued in the ticket machines of the Central Exurban Passenger Company (CEPC) during 2020.


More than 55.5 million of them were paid via TRANSITEK bank card readers developed by Terminal Technologies Group. The share of cashless payments increased by 12.1%.


TRANSITEK is a compact built-in or box-type POS terminal for Automated Fare Collection in public transport and access control systems. It supports contactless payments via bank EMV cards, MIFARE cards, NFC-enabled mobile phones and, optionally, QR codes.

VENDOTEK V terminals and validators confirmed compliance with EMV L2 Contact


Products of Terminal Technologies Group confirmed compliance with the requirements of the EMV L2 Contact specification for the contact interface again. Our terminals and validators have passed complex and multi-level testing according to EMVCo standards (American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, UnionPay and Visa payment systems) in an international laboratory. Several thousand functional tests were successfully performed, including performance, cardholder verification, risk management, and reliability.


Terminal Technologies Group uses only its own L2 libraries as part of the POS-terminal’s software. Self-developed software solutions allow us to meet the changing requirements of payment systems and support new specifications.


"We have built a full cycle of creating POS terminals and software for them. Complete independence from European or Chinese manufacturers and developers has been achieved, the products of Terminal Technologies Group can be adapted to any project. VENDOTEK V terminals integrate with various vending machines and self-service systems: postamates, stand-alone storefronts, micro markets. Our electronics accepts payments with contactless and contact cards, mobile devices via NFC, QR codes through the Fast Payment System," said Igor Sukhostavskiy, CEO of Terminal Technologies Group.

VENDOTEK V terminals installed in Russian hypermarkets for donations to help children


X5 Retail Group, together with the Life Line charitable foundation, installed VENDOTEK V payment terminals in four Karusel hypermarkets to collect donations for the treatment of seriously ill children.


The customer can choose the amount of donation and tap a contactless bank card, NFC-enabled smartphone or NFC smart watch to VENDOTEK POS terminal. Depending on the test results, will be made a decision to scale contactless charity project.


Karusel became the first grocery retailer in Russia to implement a contactless donation system. Our terminals are installed in the checkout area. The project was implemented by our partner MIXPLAT, acquiring was provided by Russian Standard Bank.


Based on  X5 Retail Group story 


Automated Fare Collection via contactless ticket validator VENDOTEK T (valitek)


Optimization of transport in the Belgorod, Russia, has been required for a long time. A new route network is being introduced with a free transfer within 45 minutes.


You can simply tap-and-go using a card or mobile phone, smart watch, fitness bracelet with NFC to the VENDOTEK T (valitek) validator. The fare will be calculated automatically based on city and per-kilometer suburban billing.