Terminal Technologies Group

develops and manufactures POS terminals and ticket validators for cashless payment systems

VENDOTEK terminals and VALITEK validators confirmed compliance with EMV L2 Contact


Products of Terminal Technologies Group confirmed compliance with the requirements of the EMV L2 Contact specification for the contact interface again. Our terminals and validators have passed complex and multi-level testing according to EMVCo standards (American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, UnionPay and Visa payment systems) in an international laboratory. Several thousand functional tests were successfully performed, including performance, cardholder verification, risk management, and reliability.


Terminal Technologies Group uses only its own L2 libraries as part of the POS-terminal’s software. Self-developed software solutions allow us to meet the changing requirements of payment systems and support new specifications.


"We have built a full cycle of creating POS terminals and software for them. Complete independence from European or Chinese manufacturers and developers has been achieved, the products of Terminal Technologies Group can be adapted to any project. VENDOTEK terminals integrate with various vending machines and self-service systems: postamates, stand-alone storefronts, micro markets. Our electronics accepts payments with contactless and contact cards, mobile devices via NFC, QR codes through the Fast Payment System," said Igor Sukhostavskiy, CEO of Terminal Technologies Group.

VENDOTEK for micro markets and automated storefronts


The world is changing, and the growth of micro markets has become one of the key trends. Since the beginning of COVID-19, companies have abandoned corporate cafes and canteens. Micro markets reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission and minimize staff costs by providing automated catering in offices.


According to a recent study, micro markets generated over $7 billion in revenue in 2020, a 99.2% growth rate from 2012.  More than 50,000 new automated storefronts are expected to open in the next five years.


Terminal Technologies Group has developed 5 solutions for micro markets, kiosks and automated storefronts based on the VENDOTEK terminal. Simple payment by card and NFC is possible, as well as full management of self-service equipment.

VENDOTEK payment terminals and VALITEK validators are certified by China UnionPay


Terminal Technologies Group products have been certified by China UnionPay payment system. Our terminals and validators meet the requirements of Beijing UnionPay Card Technology Co., Ltd.


To work with China UnionPay, we developed the L2 library as part of the VALITEK, TRANSITEK, VENDOTEK software. Now customers of the Chinese payment system can pay with Bank cards for travel in Russian transport and purchases in vending, self-service devices, and postamats.

Automated Fare Collection on intercity routes using VALITEК validators


Automated fare collection systems implemented by partners of Terminal Technologies Group are used not only in cities. Our contactless VALITEK validators allow to pay with a Bank card for long-distance and suburban travel. The solution is implemented in the Belgorod and other regions of Russia.


When entering the bus, the passenger tap a Bank or transport card to the VALITEK validator, and the GPS determines the initial coordinates. At the exit, you tap the card, and the coordinates of the end point are determined. The fare is calculated and collected automatically.


"Automation of payment for intercity and suburban transportation increases the profitability of transport companies. Cashless payments does not require a conductor. The COVID-19 coronavirus persists on banknotes for up to 24 hours, and contactless validators prevent infection through cash," said Igor Sukhostavskiy, СEO of Terminal Technologies Group.

VENDOTEK terminals installed in Russian hypermarkets for donations to help children


X5 Retail Group, together with the Life Line charitable foundation, installed VENDOTEK payment terminals in four Karusel hypermarkets to collect donations for the treatment of seriously ill children.


The customer can choose the amount of donation and tap a contactless bank card, NFC-enabled smartphone or NFC smart watch to VENDOTEK POS terminal. Depending on the test results, will be made a decision to scale contactless charity project.


Karusel became the first grocery retailer in Russia to implement a contactless donation system. Our terminals are installed in the checkout area. The project was implemented by our partner MIXPLAT, acquiring was provided by Russian Standard Bank.


Based on  X5 Retail Group story 


Terminal Technologies Group has successfully completed MasterCard TQM audit


POS terminals made by Terminal Technologies Group have successfully passed the MasterCard audit. T2100 series contactless payment devices for transport and vending have again confirmed their compliance with the Terminal Quality Management (TQM) requirements.


The goal of the MasterCard TQM program is to continuously maintain the quality of payment terminals. Two hundred, two thousand and two hundred thousand devices must have the same high quality as the first product that has passed comprehensive functional testing in accordance with the EMV standard.


Terminal Technologies Group previously certified production in Latvia and Kaluga. This time the audit was carried out for own production in Russia and the terminals of the T2100 model range produced there. Hampshire-based TÜV SÜD conducted the entire audit remotely, complying with coronavirus restrictions. 


Terminal Technologies Group is the only Russian developer and manufacturer of POS terminals and validators for contactless payments, successfully exporting products to Europe and Asia. Despite the pandemic, we have passed a complex audit by TÜV SÜD in accordance with MasterCard TQM requirements. Our VENDOTEK POS terminals, VALITEK validators, and TRANSITEK turnstile readers have reaffirmed their safety and compliance with international quality standards,” said Igor Sukhostavskiy, CEO of Terminal Technologies Group.

Automated Fare Collection via contactless ticket validator VALITEK


Optimization of transport in the Belgorod, Russia, has been required for a long time. A new route network is being introduced with a free transfer within 45 minutes.


You can simply tap-and-go using a card or mobile phone, smart watch, fitness bracelet with NFC to the VALITEK validator. The fare will be calculated automatically based on city and per-kilometer suburban billing.