POS terminal VENDOTEK V for cashless payments in vending


Card payment solution for vending machines 3-in-1: acquiring, monitoring and fiscalization.

Bright touchscreens of VENDOTEK V POS outdoor terminals attract customers!


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Reasons to choose VENDOTEK V terminals

Cashless payments for vending machines.

Increase revenue through improved customer experience.

Pay by credit card, mobile phone, NFC smart, smart band or watch

More cashless payment methods, more sales.


Only one compact device

Does not take up space inside the machine, no additional indoor units are required.

Simple assembly

It is enough to fix VENDOTEK on the front panel of the machine and connect with a cable.


Various modifications for standard and non-standard vending

Self-service car washes, charging stations for electric vehicles, water dispensers, binoculars for viewing platforms and much more can be equipped with a Vendotek POS terminal.



Sales data transfer to the online sales register in accordance with tax laws. 



Sales, technical data of terminals and vending machines can be monitored remotely on your computer or mobile device.


More than 40,000 VENDOTEK terminals are used in Europe and Asia

Large and bright touch screen boosts sales in vending machines


VENDOTEK terminal is everything you need for vending!



VENDOTEK V advantages

Smart 3-in-1 solution at an affordable price

  • Acquiring.
  • Monitoring.
  • Fiscalization.

Options to choose

  • From the stand-alone VENDOTEK 3, which accepts contact, contactless and magnetic cards,
  • to the contactless VENDOTEK Lite, which only works with telemetry.


The price of VENDOTEK includes all options for installation

  • You do not need to purchase accessories for standard installation on the vending machine.


Planograms for online sales register

  • Remote configuration of products and cell number matching

Integration and security

Easily integrates with any vending machines

  • In the standard version - using the MDB protocol.
  • For non-standard vending machines, the VTK protocol via RS232 or TCP/IP is used.
  • If you need to set the purchase amount on the Vendotek terminal, you can connect according to the PULSE protocol. You can find it at water filling machines, self-service car washes, and electric car charging stations.


Supports ISO 14443-3/4 cards

  • PayPass
  • PayWave
  • China UnionPay
  • MIR
  • PURE

All types of payments

  • NFC-enabled devices: Mobile phones, Smart watches, RFID, and smart bands
  • QR code payment via the Fast Payment System



  • EMV L1, EMV L2, PayPass, PayWave, MIR, China UnionPay.