VALITEK contactless ticket validator for buses and trams


 Automatic fare collection. Payments by bank and transport cards, NFC-enabled smartphones.

Two versions of VALITEK:

Full A (Host)

based on Linux or Android OS, equipped with 4G modem and Ethernet interface

Lite (Slave)

connected to the Full A (Host) or on-Board computer


Bank EMV cards

MasterCard PayPass, VISA PayWave, China Union Pay, MIR

Mobile Apps

Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, etc.

Electronic wallets

based on MIFARE cards and other

Mobile applications based on NFC

QR and barcodes on paper

Optional reader

 QR and barcodes for mobile

app reading

VALITEK ticket validators.

Smart payments for the Smart city.

Reasons to choose VALITEK

✔  More than 70,000 devices are installed in Europe and Asia
✔  Developed for contactless fare collection
✔  Prevents virus infection via contact payments and cash
✔  NFC-enabled smartphone fare collection
✔  QR code payments, optionally
✔  You can select rates on the touch screen
✔  Payment security certified by MasterCard, Visa
✔  Reliable construction, impact-resistant glass
✔  On-Board power supply
✔  Checking the card against the blacklist

VALITEK advantages


✔  Connecting to the Internet via 4G or Ethernet 10/100BaseT
✔  Software updates remotely via the TMS server and personal account
✔  Remote monitoring via TMS is possible
✔  Easy to install and replace


✔  SSL or TLS encryption of communication with the possibility of mutual authentication
✔  Certificates for encryption are loaded into the validator's secret memory in production line
✔  Encryption keys for transport cards can be loaded remotely into the secret memory

on-Board computing

✔  VALITEK can be equipped with an additional screen for use as a Driver's Computer
✔  Ticket Validator’s screen can display color images and video ads

Extremely wide range of operation conditions

✔  Basic from -20°С to +50°С
✔  Optional from -30°С to +50°С with display heating

on-Board power supply

✔  Voltage range 9-36V
✔  Protected against reverse polarity and power surges

Valitek POS terminal  supports contactless payments via EMV bank cards and MIFARE cards, NFC-enabled mobile phone, QR codes - optionnally.


To select tariffs, the transport validator has a 3.5” TFT display and a full-screen capacitive touch panel. The display of the payment terminal can display color pictures and display video ads.


VALITEK validator can monitor the work and remotely collect statistics on ticket sales for transport.

Due to its compact size and convenient fastening, the validator is securely mounted on a horizontal or vertical handrail and can be easily removed without dismantling the fastening element.

A validator installed on a handrail in a bus or tram excludes the possibility of open access to communication interface ports and power supply wires.

Valitek is made of wear-resistant, vandal-resistant materials, and also easily withstands vibrations in vehicle interiors.

Small vehicle with one door

VALITEK FULL A validator near the driver or the front door of the bus.

Cloud fiscalization or installation of a local cash register or fiscal printer for fiscalization of cash and cashless payments.

Multi-door vehicle

 Without conductor 

  The on-board computer is installed near the driver to fiscalize cash and non-cash payments and manage the local network of VALITEK Lite validators  


  You can choose VALITEK FULL A (host) with an optional large touchscreen instead of expensive computer 

  You can install VALITEK Lite near the rest of the vehicle doors and connect via Ethernet to the VALITEK FULL A or on-board computer.


  Each VALITEK Lite validator has 2 Ethernet 10Base T interfaces, which allows them to be daisy-chained without using Ethernet routers.

 With a conductor 


1. Wi-Fi connection

2. The mobile POS terminal in the conductor's hands

For contactless payments at subway turnstiles you can choose TRANSITEK terminals