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TRANSITEK is a compact built-in or box-type POS terminal for Automated Fare Collection in public transport and access control systems. TRANSITEK contactless bank card readers was developed by Terminal Technologies Group and supports all kinds of contactless payments including bank EMV cards, MIFARE cards, NFC-enabled mobile phones and, optionally, QR codes.


TRANSITEK cashless payment devices for Automatic fare collection systems are integrated into public transport turnstiles and parking ticket kiosks. Now there is no need to waste time on issuing a ticket with a barcode or an access card. Visitors simply pay for entrance at the turnstile with their Visa, MasterCard, MIR bank cards or smartphones with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay.



✔  Transport: metro, electric trains

✔  Stadiums

✔  Clubs

✔  Public spaces with paid access



Due to its compact size and convenient universal fastening, the device is securely mounted in the turnstile under a plastic or glass cover. If necessary, the terminal antenna can be removed from the processor board or adjusted for a specific turnstile. In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ​


TRANSITEK terminals are operational at temperatures from -20 to +50°C and equipped with crypto-protection, which allows them to be installed in turnstiles at subway and suburban electric trains. Terminal Technologies equipment was installed in Europe and Asia including Prague, Sofia, Tashkent, Moscow, etc. It was used at the Olympic Games in Sochi and at the World Cup in Moscow.

  POS-terminal TRANSITEK is a secure contactless card reader (bank card reader with crypto protection) for turnstiles, access control systems and parking lots.


  The safety of contactless payments is confirmed by certificates of the world's leading payment systems: EMV L1 Contactless, PayPass, PayWave, MIR.


✔  Each terminal has full-featured software and works with the bank independently.


  TRANSITEK can check the cards against the blacklist, work in direct and deferred transactions mode.


  To work with transport cards, you need a special application that:


  ►   Can be developed by Terminal Technologies Group or an Integrator Partner (SDK is submitted) and loaded into the terminal. SAM modules support is included;


  ►   can work on a third-party computer and communicate with the terminal using the NFCReader protocol.

  TRANSITEK can monitor work and remotely collect sales statistics.


  TRANSITEK is equipped with Ethernet 10BaseT The communication channel is encrypted using SSL or TLS with the possibility of mutual authentication.


 Certificates for encryption are uploaded to TRANSITEK's secret memory at the factory. Keys for transport cards can also be loaded into the secret memory remotely.


  It is possible to organize the operation of TRANSITEK at turnstiles with an external scoring server, which decides to open the turnstile. For this mode, special protocols have been developed. When locally placing the scoring inside the TRANSITEK, the terminal can control the turnstile via Ethernet, RS232 or via dry contacts (optional).


  Software update is performed remotely via the TMS server and personal account.


  Remote monitoring of work via TMS is also possible.




•  OS Linux

•  С, С++

•  CPU: ARM9, 400МHz

• Flash memory 256 MB for storing programs and data

• 64 MB RAM for executing programs

• 4 KB battery-powered safe storage memory

• supply voltage + 7.5 ... 24 V


•  Ethernet 10BaseT;

•  RS232 for service;

•  RS232 for turnstile or QR code reader;

•  SAM modules - 2;

•  3G or 4G modem - option.


•  working from -20 to +50 °С;

•  working humidity from 5% to 90% at 25°C;

•  storage from -40 to +60 °С;

•  storage humidity  - 85% at +55 °С.


• support for the 3DES encryption algorithm (ANSI X9.19, ANSI X9.8);

• the length of the secret keys stored and processed inside the cryptomodule is 128 bits for 3DES.


•  option



•  option


•  without case - 60x100x20 mm

•  with case - 85x107x29,5 мм.


•  MIR

•  PayPass

•  PayWave

•  China Union Pay


•  MIFARE Ultralight/Ultralight C

•  MIFARE Plus

•  MIFARE Classic

•  MIFARE Desfire



•  EMV L1 Contactless

•  PayPass

•  PayWave

•  MIR


• POS terminal Transitek

• connector for the power cable

• universal mounting kit (option)

VALITEK contactless ticket validators for public transport