DataKrat Corporation and Vendotek integrated payments by ski passes and bank cards at ski resorts

DataKrat Corporation has integrated VENDOTEK POS terminals into the Bars Payment and Access System for ski resorts. Turnstiles are equipped with a long-range antenna manufactured by DataKrat. The new solution allows you to pay for the access with a bank card if you do not have a ski pass or have run out of money on it.


This solution was implemented at the Malka ski resort in Sheregesh. A long-range antenna with a reading range of up to 40 cm allows you to get to the lift via a ski pass based on NXP ICODE chips. Contactless POS terminal from VENDOTEK adds the functionality of a paid pass – by bank card.

"Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, products that minimize contacts between people are gaining more and more relevance. This solution allows the visitor to immediately receive the service, bypassing communication with the cashier, even to receive a ski pass. Thanks to the implementation of deferred online payment technology, the payment speed at the turnstile is about 2 seconds. It practically does not differ from the admission with the ski pass, and the use of Smart watches for presenting a bank card makes this solution as convenient as possible for the visitor," said Mikhail Sukhorosov, Head of the DataKrat Corporation’s Software Development Center.


"Contactless payments are becoming the most popular payment method and are gradually replacing cash payments. Our POS terminals and VENDOTEK validators process more than a million transactions daily and cover more and more industries. The innovations of the DataKrat Corporation give the convenience of paying with a bank card to vacationers at resorts, which allows you not to worry about replenishing ski passes and enjoy the ski slopes of Sheregesh," said Igor Sukhostavsky, CEO of Terminal Technologies Group.