Multipass implements innovative Account-Based Ticketing system with Vendotek сEMV validators

The Multipass System and Terminal Technologies announced a partnership to deploy an innovative Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) system equipped with Vendotek T validators. Multipass is a new generation of the Automatic Fare Collection System based on the ABT platform, a ‘ticketless’ way for people to travel on public transport. ABT with Vendotek cEMV validator enables passengers to simply tap or scan a secure token, linked to an account in the back office to make a journey.


Multipass differs from traditional card-based schemes, because the business rules and fare calculation are managed in the back-office and the fare is calculated and billed after the end of the trip. This means that the fare-media used to tap in and out of the system is nothing more than a unique identifier for the customer that is linked to their account.


Multipass system equipped with Vendotek T validators gives citizens seamless and hassle free ticketing experience possible today. A passenger with an account-based token can use public transport effortlessly and seamlessly without  thinking about the cost of their journey or having to buy a ticket.

Account-Based Ticketing offers many benefits including the following:

  • Improved passanger experiences
  • Multiple token optionality 
  • Best possible fare
  • Concession enablement
  • Flexible tariffs and transfer options
  • Easy to maintain – fare engine in the back office not on the reader
  • Easy to upgrade – reduced lock-in
  • Low capital investment and reduced operational cost
  • Rapid implementation (weeks not months)


“Multipass has created an innovative Automatic Fare Collection System based on ABT platform that does not require tickets. Now you just need to tap or scan a secure token and start your journey. Multipass find selected Vendotek T as the best quality, price performance validator on the market. There is not any product close to it," said Andrey Kostin, CEO of Multipass System.


“In the future, smart cities will become green and clean oases of comfort, where residents can easily reach any area. An excellent combination of Multipass AFC with Vendotek T validators allows passengers to forget about tickets. Thanks to the innovations of our partner, public transport will become more convenient, and fare collection will become easier,” said Igor Sukhostavsky, CEO & Founder of Terminal Technologies Group.